Deterioration of Television Shows

What happen to the good old days of quality television shows? They have been replaced with kids talking back to their parents, glamorizing teen pregnancy, violence, and sexual acts.
In the 1990’s network television shows were more family-oriented. The most popular thing to do on a Friday night was to make popcorn and watch ABC’s TGIF shows “Full House,” “Family Matters,” and “Step-by-Step” was the perfect family shows.   All three shows really concentrating on teaching you a multi range of family values like respecting one another, working together and to treat each other with love and kindness. The one I’d like to emphasize on, is to respect your body and not have sex until you are married opposed to the current programs like “16 and Pregnant,” “Teen Moms,” and “The Secret life of American Teen” these all promote teen pregnancy.   Even though the show is trying to demonstrate the difficulty of being a young parent, the ultimate result is that young adults feel that by getting pregnant they may have the opportunity to be on television show. Are any of these really shows appropriate for young adults?  
When I reflect on my childhood I remember watching shows that showed me that it wasn’t okay to talk to back and that I should be respecting my parents, never lie or sneak out when my parents said no you can’t go there. Now all I see are kids acting like brats and talking back to their parents. I had screened a television program called, “Good Luck Charlie” that my nine-year-old daughter was interested. It is about a family of five children, their daughter Teddy decides to make a video diary for her little sister Charlie, to show her what it will be like when she is a teenager. The show takes a negative impression when her younger brother Gabe decides to constantly lie to his parents and makes fun of his mother from time to time. Another television program that sets a bad example is “Shake It Up,” which is about two teenage girls who are dancers on a television show....