The Truman Show and Reality

‘Reality is deceptive’

Reality is defined as ‘everything we observe to be real’. Reality is the way in which we are seen as and how we want them to see us. The conception of "reality" is linked to the way individuals see us on the outside and what they believe is real, it is viewed differently by each individual, through his or her personal circumstances, values and emotions.

In the world there are people who ‘look’ like they have the most perfect life they might have the money, the big house, a family, a good job, although in ‘reality’ they could be in a mess emotionally and socially.   They could be in pressure with their job, and depressed because their family is dysfunctional.
Although they keep a smile on their face and act as if nothing is wrong, why do this? It’s because they want others to ‘perceive’ them as what is right and how they want to be seen. This is not reality; reality is what is real, not what it appears to be. The player is a good example of this, the main character Griffin Mill shows his reality in this Hollywood film.

Griffin Mill is the main character in the film ‘The player’, in the start of the film he is seen as rich, successful, self confident and arrogant. He drives the expensive car, always dressed in suits and orders people around, for example ‘This is a red wine glass. Can I have my water in a water glass?’ this shows how over confident and selfish he is. He is seen as if he has the ‘perfect life’, although in reality he is dealing with many problems. He has been receiving anonymous death threats in the mail and his job is on the line due to a competitor Larry Levy. We see him struggle, this makes us realise with all he’s got he is fact not living the perfect life; he just puts on a show to cover up the truth.

Hollywood throughout the player is presented as the world of the lavish parties, riches and beautiful people living successfully. The people are seen constantly shaking hands, making deals, drinking expensive...