Descriptive Essay

Diego Torres Aguero
Professor Harding
MWF Class 3:00- 3:50
Friday, February 14, 2014

  In El Paso, one of the many things that describe us is our rich culture. Music has helped us define us who we are and what are our purposes in life. Us, as students of the El Paso Community College have an important mission, and that is to expand the musical culture in our college.   Most of the students at the college do not know where the orchestra room is, and reality is some students just ignore it, since it looks boring and not very interesting.
  Standing near the entrance, one may immediately notice the vastness of this orchestra room. You can actually imagine that what you are about to enter was once an empty space filled with nothing but the empty walls. Glass windows line the back of the room, stretching what seems to be the height of tower. The ceiling seems to be higher than the surrounding trees around campus. Eggshell white walls are cut in such a way that they look like over-sized bricks.   Entering the room, one might feel as if you’re in a spy movie, the room being TOO quiet: so quiet that you can’t imagine that at night this particular place turns into a magical coliseum surrounded by thunderous music .Taking another step in, one may notice a gigantic chalkboard that is spread out across the wall to my left.
  The board is a foggy forest with a deep emerald color and white smears. ones fingers are blanketed with what seems like flour when I stroke the board. Hazy white chalk-drawn notes envelop the surface like a sheet of snow. Taking a step back, you would notice the abnormality of this chalkboard. Two main panels slide out to unveil two more panels underneath. It could remind you of automatic doors opening and closing on command. As someone moves the sliding panels around, some of the dust falls off and onto the carpet; looking down, you will notice that the carpet is also like a world of its own.
  Numerous strands of many colors blend to form a...