Descriptive Essay

Person from My Childhood
Childhood is a time of fairy tales and superheroes, games and friends, when we are just forming and fulfilling our lives and memories with pleasant and unpleasant moments. Throughout my childhood I remember three people more than anybody else. They are my friends Sherkhan, Serik, and Dima; my best friends with whom I have shared all the greatest moments of my childhood. Obstacles were surpassed and enemies were defeated together. They are my childhood, so I want to say more about each of them.
Firstly I would like to tell you about Sherkhan. We met with him on the first bell, at that time I have just transferred to second grade in 9th Lyceum, where I saw a funny guy, a vibrant one I would say. We were young, modest at that time so our mothers got us acquainted. Furthermore we found out that we both loved computer games and our girl preferences at that time was the same. Serik is another best friend whom I met a few days before the first bell, it was a computer club and we both were playing Counter-Strike. We found common ground instantly, and played whole day until 9.00 p.m. He was astute and cunning, funny and tactical, and mainly we both loved computer games and girls. Finally we came to Dima, the only guy who didn’t play computer games but loved discussion about girls and hanging around, later he got addicted to computer games too. So he was the tallest and the most serious among all four of us. Smart, funny, and brave; he would always help me if I would ask. So that is all. I think the main trend between my friends is that computer games and girls were the main field of attraction for us at those days. We were growing men with strong desire to explore. I want to tell you more about one of that explorations and the discovery that we made in the end.
It was a usual day in third grade; we were hanging around our school during our lunch time. Haphazardly Dima proposed to invite the most beautiful four girls from the third graders to a...