Describing in Which Ways Discrimination May Deliberately or Inadvertently Happen in Your Setting

  * Describing ways in which discrimination may deliberately or inadvertently happen in your setting
  * Giving examples of your own practices and the settings that help to support equality and inclusion and reduce the likelihood of discrimination SHC23

There are many ways which discrimination may happen in my setting. Unfortunately there are many places around the world which would discriminate against the children or even staff members. At Busy Bees, I have never experienced this. Discrimination deliberately or inadvertently for example could be where someone was to ignore a colleague, by discriminating them purposely, or if they come from a different area, class, culture or religion and the colleague will not want anything to do with them as they feel they have nothing in common. Sharing information or blaming somebody else deliberately or inadvertently, thinking that they did not know or thought it was that person that did something they shouldn’t have done.  
At busy bees we have equality and diversity policies/procedures and all staff should be told that settings put them into practice. Having said that it is now up to a manager to make sure that is followed in the setting, and if a manager was unconcerned that one of her staff was discriminating against another then it would not be very good. If a manager had seen this person discriminating then she would have to speak to this person and explain   that it will not be tolerated. If still continues, it will be a case for dismissal.