The Third Way and It's Affect on the Development of Social Policy.


In this essay I will state and explain the various definitions of The Third Way and it’s affect on society. This will include various interpretations of the term Third Way from varying schools of thought.   I will then concentrate on and expand on the Third Way approach adopted by British Prime Minister Tony Blair. This essay will mainly consist of three main topics and will end with my conclusion/summary. The tree areas will consist of ( 1.Introduction ansd interprations of the Third Way ,2 an explanation of social policy and its affect on society including for example ,feminism domestic violence and teen & child abuse., throughout this essay I will will express my, opinions and comments on issues raised on this subject as well as give a brief outline of the Conservative and Liberal parties political beliefs. The three Exzmples that follow have the same theme running throughout therir interpration and that is ( IN between or a combination of). However, Hales.S disagrees entirely with the common interpration and argues vehnemently against popular belief by stating from the book The Third Way and beyond, p9 that the term Third Way   needs more vigorous definition before firm conclusions can be drawn about it’s compatability with contemporary Europe
  The subsequent paragraphs will address particular social issues that I feel very strongly about as I have worked with certain vunerable groups within this society and have witnessed first hand the damage and devestaion that has been caused by certain individuals as a result of the common consensceous/ dominant discourse that is so prevelant within this society and the (so called civilized world) as we know it. I will give a brief historical outline of the origins of social policy, and   I will also address the widening gap between rich and poor, feminism, domestic violence, teenage and child abuse.
I will close my essay with a summary...