Describe the Barriers to Learning That Members of a Group, Which You Teach, Might Encounter and the Strategies That You Could Use to Address Widening Participation.

Describe the barriers to learning that members of a group, which you teach, might encounter and the strategies that you could use to address widening participation.

The courses I currently teach are for groups of childminders that are already established in their field of work but are aiming to deliver foundation stage teaching to pre school children so are looking to better their practice and develop their skills.

Some of these will have little experience of classroom environment and may not have been in a classroom since leaving secondary education, they are out of practice so they are fearful and apprehensive and many lack confidence in their own skills. By making the classroom environment comfortable and acknowledging everyone’s individual skills   we are able to help them relax.   Students need to have a schedule of learning so they know what is expected of them personally and time with the tutor on an individual basis when necessary to ensure they are comfortable with the learning process and progressing as an individual learner.

By mixing the group when required to do group work we are able to ensure a balanced mix of student abilities so they can help each other. Most people find they can do better if they have the support of others, Individuals will often achieve a great deal more when working as a group with their peers, but equally we must recognize that pressure from peers can have an adverse effect on motivation so this will need to be monitored throughout the course.

Some of the students come with an attitude as they have had recent training and believe they know it all and do not need to be doing this course. By acknowledging their previous learning and showing how this course complements and differs from other courses we are able to motivate them to understand and learn whilst not undermining their confidence and self esteem.

  Others are not well motivated as the course is now a compulsory part of further training for particular...