Unit 3

` Students can escape bad teaching but they cannot escape
bad assessment`   ( Boud, 1995)
To fulfil my role as a lecturer , I am required to use a range of assessment methods. The first assessment activity that I have chosen to describe and evaluate is that of a setting technique. This is where a candidates’ performance is assessed by myself
  In this assignment I will describe and evaluate two different assessment methods used to assess the progress of my learners. Through the identification of these assessment methods, I will analyse their purpose and the role that they play in the learner’s development; and how these are used to identify learner progress, whilst confirming their knowledge and understanding.
I will explore theories and principles of assessment cover formative and summative assessment; and attempt to critically discuss how equality and diversity impacts on my learners during assessment. Further exploring how this impacts on my own practice and how I can ensure that methods are varied, fair and used according to the diverse range of learners within the course.
Assessment is a vital part of teaching that helps to enable learning all the time, and is why integrated into all the practical lessons I deliver.   It allows me to promote motivation, focus and the ability to identify student’s needs, as well as providing feedback to students helping them to progress and develop at a suitable pace.   The purpose of assessing is to find out if learning is taking place, judge whether a candidate can consistently perform to the standards specified, in the national occupational standards and meet the assessment required.
Assessing enables me to check students have gained the required skills and knowledge needed to pass a qualification in my case a vocational qualification level 2 Hairdressing. The qualification may be candidate led, assessor-led or a combination of the two....