Descibe and Evaluate Two Approaches to the Treatment of Self Defeating Behaviours

Writtle College:

Kay Milton

Title:   “Describe and evaluate two approaches to the treatment of self- defeating behaviour”

Word Count: 2774

In this essay I will describe what self defeating behaviours are and where they originate from, their causes and maintenance of the behaviour. As an example I will show two treatments that might be offered to help the presenting condition of depression in a person who suffered a stroke, and how they differ in their similarities. I will then give my own opinion and conclusion.
Many people, if not all of us will employ a self defeating behaviour in our life at some point. A Self-defeating behaviour is defined as a repetitive pattern of behaviour and beliefs that prevent someone from reaching their full potential, it can cause distorted judgement and a desire to escape from negative feelings. This in turn will cause the person to fail or suffer and instead of stopping will continue with the behaviour.   Even though it seems irrational to create obstacles for yourself you may be doing it every day. You may not even recognize that your behaviours are blocking the path to your success. (1)They are usually formed in childhood and are learnt behaviours from our parents/carers. What we are told at a young age is stored in the sub conscious and a child will not question or dispute what they are told as we expect this information to be correct be it good or bad. Many people do not change self-defeating behaviours because they don’t recognize them or assume they are just a part of their personality. Or they think it won’t matter what they do, the outcome will be the same. This kind of thinking leads to even more of the same. Not surprisingly self-defeating behaviour often leads to unhappiness, depression, or anxiety. The subconscious is well meaning, and it does everything it can to protect the person, but this is at any cost, and the trade-off is sometimes that the individual ends up in a worse situation...