Depend on Social Security or Plan for Retirement



                                                Depend on Social Security or Plan for Retirement ?



As expenses for Americans continues to grow, it is time to buckle down on planning for
retirement, without depending so much on Social Security.   Republicans Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin,
the new chairman of the House Budget Committee, states that Social Security is “going broke” and faces
a $5.4 trillion deficit over the next 75 years.(Christian Science Monitoring by David R. Francis Feb 24)  
With this being known, many   Americans are starting to worry?   Many younger individuals ask “Will the
money that he or she has paid into the system still be there when he or she gets older?”   The answer is
not likely.   No matter how much a person has paid into Social Security, the politicians have put nothing
aside for his or her retirement.   For all of a person’s working years, 15% of what he or she earns(up to
$60,600 of earnings per year)goes to the politicians as Social Security tax.   One thing the politicians will
not do is put that money into a personal account for you.   This tax money goes to pay everyone else’s
Social Security payments.   Since Social Security forms the foundation for our retirement income system,
providing critical benefits to millions of Americans.   The time is now, to start planning for retirement.  
Social Security, Medicare running out of money faster than expected.   A brief article in The New
American posts, that Social Security and Medicare, Big Government’s two most cherished social-welfare...