Social Security

Is Social Security unreliable for future generations? In 2017 (it) will begin paying more benefits than it collects in taxes…in 2041, the trust fund will be depleted.
I. Government
  a. Unreliable
  1. Budget cuts
  2. Dipping into fund
      b. Plans
            1. Government changes directions all the time
            2. Can switch funding
II. Preparation

  a. Employers
  1. Retirement plans
  2. 401k
  b. Workers
  1. Invest
  2. Set aside funds
III. Social Security
  a. Fading
  1. Baby boomers
  2. Low funds
  b. Economy
  1. Can lower funds
  2. No jobs means no Social Security taxes

The steps to my outline are clear, and it will help explain the order of why we can’t depend on our government for Social Security benefits. this outline will show cause of why we should not rely on the government from the beginning to the end. My sequence is as follows. Our government is unreliable because of the budget cuts and dipping into the funds to pay on other things. We should make plans to protect ourselves because our government changes direction all the time it could change funding at any point. Employers offer different retirement plans and we should use the 401k to pack money into. Workers should invest more and set aside funds to live on in the future. Due to Social Security fading away and with the baby boomers retiring this means even lower funds in the future and the economy being bad puts even more stress on funds because of the lack of jobs means no Social Security taxes.