Demonstrate and Explain the Application of Theories and Principles of Learning and Communication to Inclusive Practice

Task 1

ALO1 – demonstrate and explain the application of theories and principles of learning and communication to inclusive practice

ALO2 – demonstrate understanding of how to apply theories and principles of learning and communication in planning and enabling inclusive learning

Essay 1500 words

Word count: 1650

Additional words (quotes, titles and appendices) 861


Mark Porter

  1. Introduction 3
  1.1 Memory 3
  1.2 Motivation for learners 4
  1.3 Communication 5
  1.3.1 Transactional analysis 5
  1.3.2 Transmission models 6
  2. Theories of Learning: An Overview 7
  2.1 Behavioral Theories 7
    2.1.1 Classic Conditioning 8
    2.1.2 Operant Conditioning 9
  2.2 Cognitive Theories 11
  2.3 Constructivism 12
  3. Conclusion 13

1. Introduction

Although there is no acceptable definition of learning, a generally accepted definition of learning is any relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience (Robbins, 1998) and that an external observer may recognize that learning has taken place (e.g., acquiring a vocabulary, learning to drive a car).

Smith (1982) views learning as a product (the acquisition of a particular set of knowledge), process (how learners seek to meet needs and reach goals), and a function (how learners are motivated, what brings about change).

Learning is a personal act. We each place our own personal stamp on how we learn, what we learn and when we learn and how we can learn is a question that begs the answer which may be found in some learning theories but what part does memory, motivation and communication play in this process?

1.1 Memory

Memory can play an important part in our learning by its a) retention and b) loss of information. Information can be retained if we find the teaching interesting or we have the confidence to learn new issues because of interest in the subject.   However other reasons may play a part in making it harder to retain...