Carolyn Johnson
November 15, 2013
Morgan Gamble

St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center closed its doors on April 30.2010. The results from the closure were loss of emergency room services, in-patient care facilities, Loss of trauma center (level 1), and out-patient services. The closure also had an impact on the community; because of the added distance to the next nearest hospital; there were more deaths from heart attack victims, and unintentional injuries, there also were more negative patient outcomes.   The closing of St. Vincent’s also resulted in overcrowding of other medical facilities, poorer care, increased medical demands, and lower work moral.   People dealt with fears or where there medical would end up, how they would receive emergency care, how long it would take them to get to the nearest hospital, they had fears of being rejected, and even anxiety.

Recommendations were made to develop an inventory of the available health care services within the community. The directory should provide all available information easy to understand detailed information on services available, where this service is located, business phone number, business hours, which insurance plans are accepted, and what if any are the fees.
There needs to be a plan of action for emergency services for the elderly and those with more serious medical conditions. Romero, Diana; Kwan, Amy; Swearingen, Justin; Nestler, Sue; Cohen, Neal. Journal of Community Health37.5 (Oct 2012): 995-1005.


Romero, D., Kwan, A., Swearingen, J., Nestler, S., & Cohen, N. (2012). Impact of the closure of a large urban medical center: A qualitative assessment (part I). Journal of Community Health, 37(5), 982-1005. doi: