One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest Essay

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Essay

Being institutionalized can be harmful to somebody who isn’t really mentally unstable in the first place. RP McMurphy was a criminal who was just trying to skip out on jail by acting like he was crazy just to stay in a mental hospital thinking he was going to be able to do his sentence in a mental hospital instead of prison. He was initially a normal human being in the mental hospital and he became institutionalized. Being institutionalized is when you become attached to the people you are with and feel like you belong there and nowhere else in the world. During the movie RP was becoming institutionalized, he could have escaped many times and he chose not to and to stay with all of the people in the hospital because he grew to like them. He felt really bad for the patients so he decided to steal one of the busses and brought all of them out fishing meanwhile he could have escaped and said screw them and left them there. These are all examples of RP becoming institutionalized. Towards the end of the movie RP let girls in the hospital and got alcohol and pretty much threw a party with the patients in the hospital while it as night time. At the end he wanted to escape and he just couldn’t do it, he found out that out in the real world he isn’t accepted and just a criminal but in the hospital he is a hero and a much respected leader between the patients.

At the very end of the movie Nurse Rached finds Billy Bippet with a random woman he recently slept with the night before. She became very angry and was about to give Billy shock therapy when billy killed himself. RP showed great feelings for Billy when he tried to kill Nurse Rached for all the horrible things she has done to the patients. Because RP was so violent and angry they gave him a lobotomy and RP was never the same again. The once leader and normal RP McMurphy was a vegetable and after that everything went back to normal in the hospital. None of the patients showed...