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Defining Marketing Paper
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Defining Marketing Paper
Marketing has existed since the beginning of time, starting with the caveman carving a wheel out of stone. Marketing surrounds society from various perspectives: buying current videos for children or buying the newest cell phone to the latest and greatest high definition television. Consisting of promoting and selling of products, the field of marketing entails more meaningful methods. Therefore, understanding what marketing is, how it works, what is the product or service, and who does the marketing. Marketing consisting of internal and external plans that helps businesses become successful by focusing on communication with customers about goods and services of a product. This paper will provide defining marketing from three sources, and provide the significance of marketing in a business environment along with supported examples.
Marketing is one of human life that will cease to exist and the idea is not clear to everyone, so I have included the following definitions: "Marketing behaviors are all those related with recognizing specific desires and requirements customers, and going about satisfying those customers through market research, analyzing, making strategic decisions about producing product, pricing, promotion and distribution" ("What Is Marketing," n.d.).
“Marketing is the process of possible customers in products and services.” In this is process, marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing products, or services." ("Marketing," n.d.)
My personal definition is presenting a picture, song or idea to capture customer’s attention of a specific product, but mostly advertising. From resent studying, marketing does not guarantee a sell, but create the thoughts of those goods and services that reminds or makes one think about the products. Producing and promoting a product, accurate pricing and place of the product...