Define Marketing

In the business world today marketing is a tool for a business to succeed in the retail market. Different people see marketing differently depending on their perspectives. Buying and reselling product is not the only steps that make up a good marketing plan. Marketing includes buying the right product and bringing consumers into the store to buy the product and getting the consumer to keep shopping at the store. The one common thing to all marketing definitions is that it leads to an exchange between the consumer and the seller. Marketing is used   to sell almost every product in our culture today. A consumer would not know about the latest movie, car, food product or clothing without marketing.

      My personal definition of marketing is a business's methods of getting the consumer in the store to buy the product they are selling. There are as many different   types of methods as there are businesses. These include print media such as flyers, newspapers and mailings, radio advertising, television commercials, billboards, and in person to include trade shows and telemarketing. All of these may prove effective and any combination can be used   by the company to reach consumers. Meijer's grocery store uses several types of advertising. The company has weekly ads in the local newspaper to let the consumer know what is on sale that week but they also use television advertising to generally the store. Both of these types of advertising is successful in keeping the name of the store in consumer's minds and to let the consumer know about the lower prices of their products versus other stores in the area.

      Another marketing definition is the developing of a product and positioning that   product for the consumer in a way that the consumer will find and buy the product (Scott, 2004). This definition allows that marketing defines the product that a consumer would want to buy. Only after research has determined that a product would be bought by the customers would...