Define Inequality and Provide Two Examples of This on Ciy Road

In your own words define ‘inequality’ and provide two examples of this on City Road

The concept of Inequality refers to people’s unequal access to economic and valued social resources. What we consider to be valued social resources include money, time, access to education, cultural facilities etc. People have differing levels of income and therefore different opportunities in terms of what they can buy and consume on the street
An example of inequality in economic resources on the City road are people using the food bank vs people going to the famers market. The people using the food bank don’t have a choice in the food they are given whereas the people going to the farmers market make their own choices of which type of food they want to buy, supporting particular lifestyles and ways of living.
Another good example of the inequality in society can be seen in the film Connecting lives (open University 2016), which depicts the story of Stephen Sweetman’s living as a person with physical impairments in a wheelchair. Being disabled Stephen’s physical difference becomes a social inequality. His choices are limited in terms of the places he can access because the City road street layout and architecture is not adapted for people with mobility problems. This makes him feel a deep sense of disconnection from society. For most people walking along the City road it’s not something they even need to think about, whereas for Stephen this inequality is a core part of his relationship with society.