DD101 / TMA 02

Outline the claim that consumption creates new social divisions

Consumption refers to a form of socialisation which is a way of how people feel like they belong and are a part of which includes how an individual or group of people buy goods and services. This essay will discuss various theories from social scientists including how old and new social divisions are formed whilst maintaining including / excluding people.

Money, employment, magazine influences, lifestyle and friends have a significant impact on consumption which is a contributing factor towards our social divisions and identity which leads to our consumer society. A Consumer society is an extensive range of social issues that influence and shape our lives whether for a social or personal reason including individually or social activities.   (Citied in Hetherington et al, 2010, P31 & P50)

Firstly to consider it is evident that consumption is a way of life and is a part of how we choose to live which impacts on our social lives. We all have our place within our consumer society which includes socially, professionally and personally. Feeling wanted and part of something is what people want for example a group of teenagers may want to have the same designer clothes Superdry to make a statement. This relates to Susman theory that this shift from character to personality came about as society changed. Warren Susman (2003) suggested that consumers could use consumption to express themselves and their personality which was preliminary aimed at the middle class of society advising on how to set up home, what items to include in your home and how to entertain in addition to what wine to serve to your guests which later had an impact on what these middle class individuals projected to other people and they became concerned of what others would think (Citied in Hetherington et al, 2010, P43). People evolve and I believe this is something that individuals will sustain as there is always...