Dd 101

Drawing upon what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the ways differences are made and remade on a street that you know.

The street that I have chosen to compare to City Road is called Cosham High Street. Cosham is a relatively small shopping area around a mile long in a small area of a vastly populated City. The differences that I will be looking at are the diversity of people and their ages that use Cosham in the first paragraph, the more recent changes from the early 1980’s to the present and the shops in the second and finally the street furniture .
As with City Road Cosham has a diverse mix of people from all areas of life. Students of varying ages and ethnicity can be seen walking to the local college. People use Cosham for its transport links into the Centre of town. There are many families of varying ages and ethnicity   and pensioners using Cosham for its locality and ease of accessibility from the surrounding area. The local workforce from in and directly around Cosham can be seen making use of the cafes, chip shops and Tesco’s on their way through the area. There is a vast difference at night time. Like City Road, Cosham takes on a different atmosphere to the day time. However, unlike City Road it is not as busy. Cosham has one or two takeaways and these open late into the evening. Not many older people can be seen using Cosham like the men in the Municipal Club (The Street, 2009, Scene 5) there is a fear of the area due to the increased amount of young people that like to meet up and hang out.
Like City Road Cosham High Street has seen many changes. (The Street, 2009, Scene 1) In the early 1980s Cosham was mainly dominated by Building Societies, Estate agents and Charity shops. Changes were made when the top half was turned into a precinct. This allowed the users of Cosham to be a lot safer   and made the area more accessible due to increased parking facilities. As we see in City Road (the Street, 2009, Scene 3) the arrival of larger...