Unit 101



In order to meet the assessment criteria of this essay, I shall attempt to define learning and also explore the in-depth meaning of learning.   I shall identify a group of learners, select and describe the group.   Also, I shall describe initial assessment required to ascertain their previous learning and experience.   Lastly, I shall discuss ways of using the results to inform the learning programme.

    1. Definition of Learning

Learning could be defined as a growth through experience which leads to change.   According to Curzon (1991), learning is the apparent modification of a person’s behaviour through his activities and experiences, so that his knowledge, skills and attitude, including modes of adjustments towards his environments, are changed less permanently (Curzon, L.B. 1991).

From the definition above, the deduction could be made that learning is concerned with a CHANGE in skills, knowledge and attitude.   Measuring these changes are the steps leading to assessment result.   A learner is an individual who is learning by receiving training and support (www.learnativity.com/learningstyles.html). For learning to be effective, there is need to identify the learner’s needs, which can be done through an initial assessment.   This initial assessment should be able to match the learners’ experience and attainment.

Learners are able to reach their full potential if they are in positive environment.   All learners are individuals and they do not learn the same way; for example, some learners prefer to read information and learn individually, some have problems of reading while some learn through experiences etc.   This entire individual needs need to be taken into consideration when preparing a lesson plan for the class. This is because, as noted by Minton (2001:106), “The better organised the teacher, and the easier it is for students to do the things planned as learning activities, the more success there will be...