David Kolb

David Kolb’s learning styles

Today in class with Jayne we studied David Kolb’s learning styles model and experiential learning theory.

In David Kolb’s learning cycle there are four different learning styles. These are known as:
  * Diverging
  * Assimilating
  * Converging
  * Accommodation

Diverging (Feeling and watching)
People in this learning style they like to look at things in a different perspective. They are known as sensitive. These types of people prefer to watch others do the work instead of them. This is because they like to watch others and gather information in their heads to get more of an understanding of the situation. These people are best at looking at situations at different views because they perform better at solving problems and brain-storming. They like to gather information, they are interested in people, and they are good at arts. These types of people prefer to work in groups. However they are very open minded.

Assimilating (Watching and thinking)
People who are in the assimilating cycle are for a concise and logical style. These types of people are less focused on people and more interested in ideas. They prefer a more clear good explanation more than a basic simple one. They have more of an understanding of information and organisation. They prefer to do theories other than practical work. People with the learning style prefer readings, lectures, exploring analytical models and also having time to think things through.

Converging (Doing and thinking)
People who have the converging learning style are able to solve problems and they will use their learning to work our problems. These types of people prefer technical tasks and they are less concerned about people. To solve their theories they are best for working out practical uses. They can easily work out problems because they can find out solutions to questions. People with this learning cycle like to experiment with new ideas, to simulate and to work well...