Learning Styles

Assignment for learning styles

Having researched on the internet I have discovered that there are many different learning styles, the learning style I have been asked to research is a learning style which was developed by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford, they based there work on David Kolb’s learning style model.

Honey and Mumford identified four distinctive learning styles: Activist, Theorist, Pragmatist, and Reflector. They felt these were easy styles that people would be able to relate to and once they knew there styles would be able to seek out opportunities to learn using their particular style.

As part of the NVQ programme I teach, one of the requirements is for the candidates to know their preferred learning style, I give out a questionnaire (Honey/Mumford’s) that they complete, they tick statements which apply to them and then add up how many ticks they have, they then relate it too their learning style where there is a statement which tells them what there preferred learning style is. This helps me in my role as I can see what support I need to provide, sometimes the candidate’s have several learning styles and it is my job to ensure that I meet all the candidate’s individual needs.

Breakdowns of the learning styles are;

Activist’s-Like to learn by doing, like to be involved, are open minded, like to get straight on with task and may centre the tasks on themselves.

Support I give – I ensure that the candidate’s have fully understood the tasks, I   encourage them to maybe discuss what they are going to do first as I am aware that the may just get on with the task without thinking it through, the discussion could involve brainstorming, group discussion and problem solving. The candidates would also like role play and being able to lead in discussions, I also need to make sure that they do not centre the whole task on themselves and I need to be aware that they involve others in an appropriate way. I use someone who is an activist when I need a...