Darden Restaurants

Darden Restaurants has been a brand since 1968 with the opening of Red Lobster the largest full-service seafood dining company in the world, serving nearly 3 million guests weekly. Darden currently operates and manage 840-unit Olive Garden, for which it has laid out a major turnaround plan, and 465-unit LongHorn Steakhouse, as well as the Specialty Restaurant Group, including The Capital Grille, Yard House, Seasons 52, Bahama Breeze and Eddie V’s.
Darden management team and stockholders knows a restaurant of any type can be a complicated business venture. Successful restaurant require multiple moving parts to maintain a high standard for quality and Darden Restaurants have invested a lion’s share to ensure customer satisfaction. Darden Restaurant's strategic plan covers these expectations along with other aspects of the business, such as advertising and market analysis.
Darden market analysis is an integral component of the strategic planning process for their restaurants to operate competitively. Darden carefully examines the market in which their restaurant operates in to see the needs of the consumer that exists with the current market competition. Darden uses that market analysis to shape their menu prices so they are in line with the median income of the consumer in the area and also use it to determine what food choices are lacking in the market and what restaurants consumers are frequenting the most. If the market is saturated with fine dining Stake Houses, perhaps Darden will offer the consumer in that market an Olive Garden family-oriented establishment that would satisfy consumers’ needs in a way the market is not currently offering. Darden restaurant stands a better chance of integrating successfully into the market and edging out the competition with a thorough market analysis.
One of the major strategic plan process for Darden restaurants involve decisions regarding advertising and how customers view their restaurant from the outside. Darden knows...