Who Is the South Carolinian

Summer breezes in the winter time, lovely festivals, and good ole Southern Hospitality, this is what makes South Carolina what it is.   But what really make South Carolina special is the people.   South Carolina is one big melting pot where people from different counties have learned to live and work together.   Were like one big tossed salad.   We have so many groups of people that have been thrown together in one big bowl and tossed together to make us what we are, South Carolinians.   Each person, however, has its own unique ability, like each ingredient in a salad. Carolinians live in Blue Ridges, Sand Hills, Piedmonts, and the Low Countries.   Whether the residents are from the cities or small towns, we have kept that small town feeling.   Our brochures show people smiling, perfect scenery, and the true warm Southern Hospitality.   Most South Carolinians believe that the small places are the best to live and raise a family.

Low Country Carolinians are known for living at the beautiful beaches.   Either they live on Edisto Island, which the people and their language are also known as Geechee.   The Gullahs are known for more of the African heritage and culture.   The Gullahs of the Carolinas love storytelling, music, folk beliefs, farming and fishing. On the website Edisto Island, South Carolina, Another element of the past that the Gullah people are known for is their language. It is English- based Creole language with roots in the Krio language used in West Africa, specifically Sierra Lionel. It is thought that this language began as a result of the interaction with the whites of the land and was integrated with the native tongue of the slaves. Over the years, the Gullah language further developed into a strongly-accented form of modern English with select West African words or word-forms blended together.
The Gullah language was able to survive from generation to generation through the use of storytelling. This art form was done as a way to preserve their...