Cypop5 1.1

After reviewing the legislation appertaining to children, and whilst all is relevant to a point, choose and complete the table below with the legislation you think is   the most relevant to home-based childcare
Legislation | Why is it relevant to Home-based childcare |
Children Act (1989) | Children’s rights were first acknowledge for the first time in the UK to protect suffering children or children whom are likely to suffer significant harm. |
Children Act (2004) | In my opinion i believe that the children act 2004 is relevant to childminders because; it is to protect them from harm and neglect, to aid them with their physical and mental health and emotional well-being, to help with their education, training and recreation, their contribution to society and their social and economic well being. |
Date Protection Act (1998) | It protects sensitive personal data being published without a person’s consent. Where children are involved consent has to be given by a parent or guardian |
(COSHH) Care of Substances Hazardous to health regulations (2002) | This is to help childminders understand how to store, use and identify harmful substances within the home. E.g. bleach, sanitiser and any other cleaning products. |
(RIDDOR) Reporting Injuries, Diseases and dangerous   occurrences regulations (1995) | This act specifies what kind of accidents and incidents that happen in the work place are required to be reported to RIDDOR (Ofsted) by law. |
Childcare Act (2006) | This act introduced the EYFS (Early Year Foundation Stage) into England in September 2008 and it was revised and enforced in September 2012. |