Cypop - 6.3

6.3 Outline regulatory requirements for safeguarding children that affect home based childcare.
The welfare requirements of the Childminding and Day Care regulations in Wales must be met by all Early Years providers. These are legal requirements and it is an offence not to comply with them. Safeguarding and children’s welfare is a general requirement. Specific details relaying to this requirement can be found in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. Childminders must have written policies in place for safeguarding children. All policies and procedures must be regularly reviewed and shared with parents. A DBS disclosure is required on you and anyone who is over the age of 16 and lives with you or regularly visits your home.
If there is a case of suspected child abuse, the procedures are very clear. The Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is responsible for producing safeguarding procedures. They are a multi-agency body working within each local authority. If you raise a concern with them, the LSCB team will contact all relevant professionals and the child’s parents. Once they have been contacted the LSCB are required to investigate and may have to talk to you, the child and the child’s family. To decide what is then in the best interests of the child, a case conference is set up and an action plan agreed.
The case conference is to gather as much information about the child as possible. The parents will be invited and can take a legal representative with them. Social workers, medical professionals and possibly the child’s teacher will be at the case conference. This is often referred to as TAC, Team Around the Child. If invited to a case conference, you must ensure all the information you give is accurate, factual and can be backed up with evidence. All information you gain is completely confidential and a breach of it is very serious. It is important that everything you observe about the child is documented so if you are faced with...