Cypop 3.1


3.1 Explain the importance of partnership with parents for all aspects of the child care service
As a registered child-minder it is highly important to have a partnership with parent for all aspect of the childcare service provided. This will give child continuity of care, so that they will not be confused with different standards of behaviour and boundaries.   This will help the parent to understand my role as their child’s care provider and also their role in the development of their child.   The parent are the main care giver and also an educator in the child’s development so it is important to involve them in making decisions on behalf of their child, so we can establish effective partnership to help the child reach their full potential.   Through developing this partnership we can establish a routine and a great communication skill to help the child settle in their new environment and making sure that the child and their family are treated as an individual, respected, valued and feeling welcome in my home.
It is also very important sharing information and making decision (in the best interest of the child) about the child’s interest, needs and I will need to provide the best possible care for that individual.

3.2 Describe how partnership with parents are set up and maintained
The way partnership with parents are set up I will invite the parents for the first visit, I will ensure they are comfortable and making them feel welcome into my settings. I will encourage the parent to get involve by having a parental involvement policy that will state how the partnership between the parent and I would work.   I will maintain great communication skills between the parents and I, by discussing and understanding their culture, routine and how it will be manager and ensuring that we are both in agreement.   The communication technics are speaking to parents verbally about their child before and after drop off,...