Cyp 3.6

CYP Core 3.6 working together for the benefit of children and young people.
Task 1.1
Multiagency working brings together practitioners from different sectors and professions to provide an integrated way of working to support young people and their families.
Some of these professionals are –
  * Social Worker
  * Advocates
  * Solicitors
  * YOT
  * Education People
  * Police
  * Local GP
  * LAC Nurse

The importance that all these agencies work together is so that the young person, child or family gets the best help and care they need to help and protect them and support them. Integrated working encourages professionals to work together effectively.

Because children, young people and family’s needs can be very different, the composition of a multi-agency team will differ from case to case.

It is important each practitioner brings with them their own specialist skills, expertise and insight so that the child, young person and family gets the best support possible.

Multiagency working provides benefits for children, young people and families because they receive tailor-made support in the most efficient way. The benefits of this include
• early identification and intervention
• easier or quicker access to services or expertise
• improved achievement in education and better engagement in education
• better support for parents
• children, young people and family’s needs addressed more appropriately
• better quality services
• reduced need for more specialist services

Task 1.2

Integrated working and practices and multiagency working in partnership deliver better outcomes for children and young people, they do this by coming together and sharing information which can help the child, young person or family. For example A meeting can be called where the social worker YOT worker, educational workers, Key-workers will discuss the best course of action for the young person set timeframes of where they expect he or she to...