Cyp 3.6

CYP 3.6
When working with children it is essential to maintain confidentiality. Confidentiality arises when a person disclosing personal information and data that can be disclosed without consent. Our job role will bring us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all those using and working in the nursery can do so with confidence, we will respect confidentiality in the following ways:
  * Parents/carers will have ready access to files and records of their own children - but not any other child.
  * Staff will not discuss individual children with people other than the parents/carers of that child.
  * Information given by parents/carers to nursery staff will not be passed on to third parties.
  * Personnel issues will remain confidential to the people involved.
  * Any anxieties/evidence relating to a child's personal safety will be kept in a confidential file and will not be shared within the nursery except for the child's key worker and Manager.
  * The nursery will comply with all requirements of the Data Protection
  * As a practitioner we should always discuss dilemmas with the line manager/head teacher but always disclose something if you feel a child may be in danger.
Regarding abuse, parents should have seen a copy of the nurseries policy which states that information will be disclosed if it is deemed that a child is danger.

It is important to follow these steps if child abuse is suspected:
  * Do not promise to keep a secret
  * Share the information with the designated person in a confidential area
  * Ensure that you accurately record any conversation on the correct paperwork (incident recording form)
  * Remember that the CAF is there to help if   concerned about a child and need to assess their needs at an early stage
Ensure that you receive support as situations of this nature can be upsetting