Cyp 3.1

CYP 3.1

2.1 Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.
There are a wide range of personal factors that influence a child or young person’s development. These influences could be triggered as early as the time of conception. Certain individual’s genetics could trigger disabilities, for examples Down Syndrome which is impairs their cognitive ability and physical growth. This will lead to them needing extra support with daily activities. Another factor that could influence a development of a child, young person would be Cerebral Palsy which is a non-progressive, non-contagious disability. This is developed at birth due the child’s brain being starved of oxygen. Individuals that suffer with Cerebral Palsy having issues with their motor skills which cause physical disabilities. This results in limited movement and posture. Having these genetic or any other type of genetic influences could affect the child or young person’s social development as there is a chance that they could be bullied or made to feel like an outsider due to these disorders. This could lead to them feeling isolated and have no confidence to be part of social inclusion. Certain children’s health could be effected due to the mother having a drink or drug problem whilst she was pregnant with the child. This could result in the chid being born prematurely which would result in the child’s weight being low, therefore lead to slower development. This could have effect on the child’s development in later life. Health problems such as asthma could affect a child, young person’s chances to play and be active like other children so could affect the child, young person from developing social skills. These children might feel like an outsider as it could potentially make other children not wanting to ask them to join in the activities they are doing. Children who have certain learning difficulties could be treat different and be seen as weird by other...