Cyp 3.1/2.1

CYP 3.1 / 2.1/3.2/3.3

How development is influenced
by a range of personal factors.

How a child develops can be affected & changed by lots of different factors. Their health, background or environment that they are growing up in plays a very important part in a child’s life & can have an effect on all areas of their development.

Health of a pupil.
If a pupil is suffering from poor health or a physical disability (sight, hearing, movement.) it can affect how their development progresses. It can result in bullying, name calling & exclusion. It can play a part in a child’s physical development because if they cannot join in with sport activities or play in the playground then their social connection with other pupils can be difficult for them & they could soon become isolated, lonely, have lack of confidence. It can also make a difference with the child’s emotional development they could not want to go to school, self-harm, not want to join in with any activities.
As an adult in a school we should look out for any of these signs so we can make the child’s school life more enjoyable by trying to include them as much as you can or try & find activities they can do together.

If a pupil has a disability it can be that they are in a wheelchair, have problems walking, running, might not be able to hold a pencil the same way as others due to growth problems or they might have other visual disabilities. These conditions can affect them physically, socially & emotionally. It could be that they are the last one to be picked for a team when playing games / sports which then can give them a lack of confidence, laughed at, teased or even bullied. This then affects how they are, and they might not want to go to school, or try anything new cause of them being teased or laughed at. This in turn affects them socially & emotionally with getting on with class members & joining in with others activities and they can soon be...