Running Head: CYBER CRIMES

      Valencia Crossgrove
      Cyber Space and Cyber Crimes
      Kaplan University
      CJ 215-01AU Exploration of Computer Crime

      Instructor: Instructor:¬†Andrew McIntosh

      In the last fifteen years, the increase in technology and the use of computers in both the personal and business world has increased tremendously. This increase has brought changes in all areas of society including such areas as banking, the stock exchange, air traffic control, telephones, electric power, health and education. These industries have not only improved but are now largely dependant on information technology for their operation. With all this new technology the twenty first century will be a very educational century.

      Many basics of a traditional society can be found taking shape as fragments. With electronic commerce comes electronic merchants, plugged-in educators provide online education. It is important to realize that fragile and open socialization processes occur all together and constantly through our personal and professional connections. With this being said we both learn and reinforce learning of social group in numerous situations and social contexts. For example, socialization occurs among friends and family members in private and public situations and among professional age groups.   They are in the office, working in the field at job sites, and traveling together to training conferences.

      Deviant behaviors are behaviors that differ clearly from established social norms. Deviant behaviors viewed negatively very often even though they may not rise to the level of being either abusive or illegal. Socialization is the process of influencing people to behave in certain ways. The formal mechanisms with informal means of social control to define and help maintain societal order and stability.

      Predicting the future is full of risk. Cybercrime will continue to rise in the future. Therefore, it will...