Classification Of Cyber Crimes
Pavan Duggal, the president of and consultant, has clearly stated the three categories of cybercrimes: persons, property and government. (when) First of all, cyber crimes committed against persons, either individuals or a group of people include illegal acts like spreading of pornography, cyber harassment by electronic mails and even cyber stalking through social websites. Cyberspace, being renowned for its vast storage of all sorts of information has made it also the perfect place for storing, distributing, posting and disseminating obscene materials, especially pornography. With Google, anyone with access to computer and Internet could easily expose themselves to pornography materials and thus in danger of corrupting their mind and soul. Not only that, even individual’s email account could not escape from the disturbance of indecent mails, which are usually labelled as spam mail, as these mails are distributed across the globe and entering   computer user’s email account without the receiver’s permission. Exposing young, innocent internet users to such indecent acts threatens the growth of future generations, not to mention the security of society from falling preys to rapists influenced by pornography online.

Similarly, cyber harassment is a cybercrime towards individuals, whether occurring in cyberspace or through the use of cyberspace. It is categorized into several types, including sexual, racial, religious and other emerging issues. Anyone carrying out such harassments is considered guilty as charge, as their acts violate the rights and privacy of internet users. Cyber harassment is a selfish act, creating trouble and discomfort and thus seriously violated the right of citizen for a peaceful and private life. No one would like their life to be invaded by other people, let alone strangers.

Next, another cyber crime against persons is that of cyber stalking. With the easily assessable...