In the advance world, people use their computer skill to make something illegal such hacking others computer, stalking others blog, spamming and so on. These entire attitudes are very bad and dangerous to other people and especially for government securities. There are so many definitions which are found by various researchers and journalist. For example, according to Fafinski and Minassian (2008) had stated that “cybercrime is the transformation of criminal or harmful behavior by networked technology. While, Wilson (2007) puts it simply as “crime that is enabled by or that target computers”. Besides them, Zeviar-Geese suggest that the definition of cybercrime is broader, including activities such as fraud, unauthorized access, child pornography and cyber stalking. Plus, based on McConnell International (2000) had claimed that “cybercrime is harmful acts committed from or against a computer or network. To conclude, cybercrime is the transformation of criminal or harmful behavior by networked technology by Fafinski and Minassian (2008). Malaysia is the well-known state which is also provided by advance technology skill. Since all the system and works are done by computer technology, there are so many problems that people had to face up.


Malaysian people who are works for government or private company also need solve their problem by their own. Most of them do not know what the cybercrime is. Even most of them had used their email account for every day; they are also doing not know the spamming email is the one of cybercrime.

Cybercrime can be dividing into four major categories. For the first category is cybercrime against individual. This category is including email spoofing, spamming, cyber defamation and also harassment and cyber stalking. ReportCyberCrime had noted that email spoofing is a spoofed email is one in which email header is forged so that mail appears to originate...