Cyber Crimes



                        Today an increasing number of companies are connecting to the Internet to support sales activities or to provide their employees and customers with faster information and services.

                        The virtual world has taken over the real one, E-business and E-commerce, which are the new mantras and electronic transactions and dominate the overall business paradigm. In this rapidly evolving e-world that depends on free flowing information, security is the major problem to be considered.

                        This developing world of information technology has a negative side effect. It has opened the door to antisocial and criminal behavior.

So if u look at the picture, my topics is quite related to the picture. But its not definitely about cockroaches or any prank show. Today I would like to share with all of u about Cybercrimes.

Computer crime has been defined as “any illegal unethical or unauthorized behavior involving automatic processing or transmission of data”.

                      So where in the world it started. As I doing online research it is difficult to determine when the first crime involving a computer actually took place. The computer or electronic device has been around in some form since the abacus, which is known to exist in 3500BC in Japan, China, and India. So its probably started within that century



    Hacking in simple terms means an illegal intrusion into a computer system and/or network. It is also known as CRACKING. Government websites are the hot targets of the hackers due to the press coverage, it receives. But the Hackers pretty enjoy the media coverage. So why they hack……sometimes for fun…if u remember last year how they hack into website of FAM…they changed the harimau(tiger) Logo into chicken…but the hacking activity is   about gathering information or steal the information. So what are...