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Project I: Customer Service Profile Final Paper |


As defined by ACA Group customer service is: “excellent customer service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer’s expectations” (Douglas K. Howardell, 2004). It is a fact that we will not be able to give each customer everything they want. However as a customer service provider your goal should be to satisfy the customer needs and expectations. The way to do this is to establish good relations and rapport.
A company must acknowledge that every aspect, decision, and development affects the customer. Learning what the customers want and need by developing an action plan that implements customer friendly and processes that provide excellent customer services both face to face as well as behind the scenes. This is also a way to develop a rapport that can distinguish a company from its competition. Each company is judged by what they do not by what they say as consistency is a key.
Actions that will help to establish good customer relations and rapport includes answer the phone, not making promises unless they will be kept, listening to the customer, deal with complaints swiftly with purpose for resolutions, go the extra mile, show appreciation to customers with things such as give-a-ways, be helpful and train staff to always be helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.   Performing these actions a company will be able to satisfy the basic customer needs common to all customers. Applying these actions and others such like it combined with the basic customer needs; service, price, quality, actions and appreciation, a company will become known for its good customer service (Harris, 2010).

Company Profile
Con-way Inc. traces its history to Leland James, who, in 1929, founded a small regional trucking company in Portland, Oregon, named Consolidated Truck...