Strategic Management and Customer Satisfaction

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper
University of Phoenix
MGT 449
Dr. Timmons
September 18, 2009

Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Paper
In evaluating Riordan Manufacturing mission, vision, goals and objective statements one of key elements of producing a successful business is having happy, satisfied customers. Once the rapport is built and relationship is established with consumers and businesses, word of mouth communication either makes or breaks the reputation of the business. Customer satisfaction is an area of opportunity that always needs fine tuning. With a developed and strong quality management plan, companies make every effort to meet the demands of customers. This paper will outline a strategic plan of quality and review objectives within Riordan Manufacturing strategic plan. Reviewing a possible plan of improvement and afford recommendations for this plan and how the two objects of discussion collate and work together for success.  
How Quality is Linked
Riordan Manufacturing decided to move one of the manufacturing facilities to China to maximize labor cost reductions.   In summarizing Riordan organization mission, vision, and identify the organization strategic objectives.   The company plans are to meet or exceed 50 million dollars in sales within a two-year period.   One of the ways of implementation towards Total Quality Management will be to extend sales to new-fangled customers by implementing communal relations activities, trade shows, product development, and sales strength promotions.   Riordan’s relationship promise to its consumers that their mission and vision will continue `as follows:
“We will strive to be a solution provider for our customers and not be a part of our customer’s challenges.”
“Long-term relationships will be sought by maintaining rigorous quality controls, innovative solutions, a responsive business attitude, and reasonable pricing.”
The result...