Cu1689 Person Centred Thinking and Planning

Unit CU 1689 Support person –centred thinking and planning
1-Understand the principles and practice of person centred thinking, planning and review
      1.1 Person centred thinking puts the individual at the centre of their care which means the most important person is the individual whose care plan is being designed, taking in account the individual as a person with their hopes, their skills and interests, what is important for them, and also taking in account the role of their families and friends that have a positive impact on their lives. And therefore the planning of their care should take in consideration the voices of all those involved in the life of the individual, starting by the families, friends, any professionals and services involved with one shared aim: improving the quality of life of the individual as reflected by self.
      1.2 Using person centred thinking allows the individual to have an informed choice on how they want to live their life. It gives them a voice and by doing so they become actively involved in their care and as a result become empowered with a better quality of life. One can for example asks to be using a standing hoist instead of a full one as they feel capable enough to stand with aid and assistance should be given, ensuring right assessment has taken place, following policies and procedures of the care home.
      1.3 One act covers the base on which beliefs and values of person centred thinking are defined. It’s the human Right Act that outlines our freedom, choice of living and social inclusion. The new elected government wants to replace the Human right act by the British Bill of Rights and responsibilities but it is not clear of how much impact this would have on how care services will be tailored to an individual.
      1.4 Each individual is unique, with their own personality, background and their person centred care takes in consideration their expectations, how they want to live their life. It gives them a voice...