Ctlls Unit 3

Unit 3 Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Theory assessment level 4

Introduction and Methodology

For unit three, principles and practice of assessment, I am required to research the following: Principles of assessment, Peer and Self Assessment, Feedback and Questioning and Assessment Record Requirements. By understanding these areas of assessment I hope to be able to enhance the learning experience of my learners and avoid the dangers of inappropriate or even damaging assessments.

Initially when starting this unit we worked in groups to carry out research into the principles of assessment which we then reported back to the whole class, this gave us an opportunity to discuss and understand assessment within the peer group. Petty suggests that group work is active and gives students “…chance to use the methods, principles and vocabulary that they are being taught.” (Petty 2009, pg 232). It should be noted however that strong individuals can take over group work, often steering it in the wrong direction, I am aware of this as it is one of my own faults during my own learning.

The group work also gave us a chance to explore peer and self assessment Petty   believes that “Self assessment encourages reflection and purposeful activity towards useful goals, as well as encouraging learners to become responsible for their own learning.” (Petty 2009, pg 339) I have come to appreciate this as a valid tool and am actively trying new methods of self and peer assessment within my own teaching.   Brown says “Self and peer assessment promote lifelong learning, by helping students to evaluate their own and their peers achievements realistically, not just encouraging them always to rely on (tutor) evaluation from on high" (Brown, 1996 in Bostock, Online), The weakness of this being that learners can influence their own results, for this reason particular attention must be paid to the methods used....