Cross Cultural

Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Bobby St George
January 28, 2013
Harry Lou Herman

Cross-Cultural Perspectives
The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a well-known global organization. Throughout the years wrestling has been a source of entertainment during the Civil War the troops wrestled each other to past the time on both side of the war. When the war was over many of the troops would tour different carnivals to show off his wrestling skills. Wrestling is one of the world oldest Sport. One man name Phineas Taylor Barnum born July 5, 1810, and died in April 17, 1891 decided he would capitalize on the on the showmanship, giving the entertainers costumes, and choosing different characters to fix matches. When television came into play wrestling would be seen by people who could afford it.   In today‚Äôs society wrestling has become a cultural issue in the global market affecting men and women as well.
One of the most controversial issues in wrestling is women who perform in the ring many culture outside the United States believes that women in the ring is an unethical issue. Women in the rings business sell most countries believe women uncovered are wrong in their society.   In America children and adults thinks it is humorous and loves to see the women come out in their half-naked outfits and show off their bodies rolling around in the ring. Many countries across the globe will not allow females in the ring to wrester, let alone wear skimpy out fits.   Countries in the middle-east consider women wrestling is an embarrassing and disrespectful and will not let the females go into a ring. The middle-east considers women wrestlers an issue there is a few female amateur that competes in the sport for the competition.
The WWE, Impact Wresting, Friday night Smack-down and others organizations promotes their own women during their tour. Sexuality...