Cross Cultural Relationship

Francisco Davila
Professor : Linitz
March 21, 2010
Is cultural diversity in the dating scene today a blessing or a curse for young people? What does cultural diversity in dating look like? What are some specific advantages and disadvantages that we can find in cross-cultural dating relationships? Are these different from same-culture dating relationships? How significant is having different cultural backgrounds in these kinds of dating relationships? In America, like in many other places today, anybody has the opportunity to enter the culturally diverse dating scene. Should people even consider cross-cultural dating or date only within their own culture? The most important thing in serious cross-cultural dating relationships is a complete “match” of the individuals involved, but in less serious types of relationships there are other factors that could be more important.
Whether or not cultural diversity in dating is a good or bad thing depends on if the people involved are looking for the same thing out of the relationship. Cultural diversity is something that can be understood when people experience different ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving in their daily lives. Usually people think of this as national differences, but it can be other things, such as different social status’, different religions, different educational backgrounds, etc. Sometimes a culturally diverse couple starts a relationship that is not serious but it evolves into a serious relationship. They got involved first because of simple desires and needs, but as they mature in the relationship they might think a different way about each other. For example, some people get together just for sex, but then they realize they need more from each other. At first, this is not a problem if both people feel they “match.” To match in this way is to feel comfortable with each other in the most important ways to them. For example, in one article Cross-cultural Dating Rules, an Indian...