Cross Culture Research

Under the globalization trend, well-known enterprises are engaged in expanding themselves business in the world. More and more MNCs arise the global market. Cross culture is the most common problems for them, how to manage MNCs is how to manage cross culture.

Cross culture study is a study of foreign country‘s macroscopic and microcosmic situation, and in terms of study to make a appropriate strategy which contributes to enterprise develops well. In detail, macroscopic situation involved economic environment, political environment, legal environment, technology environment, social culture and natural environment. microcosmic situation involved supplier, rivals, entrants, buyers and substitutes.

Macroscopic situation
Economic environment. Economic environment refers to an enterprise must face a new economic condition, character and relationship with others. For instance, China economy is a market economic mode, which is free trade and competition. Especially China join WTO, the trade barriers reducing is good for importers, and stable economic environment ensure the fundamental condition for FDI.

Political environment. FDI seems to pay more attention to political environment. Because if political environment is unstable, it means profits may be confiscated and serious loss; interfere management and join in the decision-making, freeze the assets in his country and so on. A series of policies will influence long-term development.

Legal environment. Legal system stands for local authority. What is legal and what is illegal is important for managers in MNCs, because if enterprise behavior reaches the edge of illegal without consciousness, the punishment is very serious that ban investment in the country. It means a opportunity is missing.

Technology environment. It is a serious problem in global market, Intellectual Property needs to be respected and protected. If the country is not care about the importance of Intellectual Property, your...