Kira tindale

Crooks is a black man who has an injured back that’s why he is called Crooks. Everyone treats him different because he is black. In those days black men, woman and children were treated like slaves. White men, women and children were racist to him. “The stable bucks a nigg**”. It basically that last word is racist if a white person says it to a black person. Stable bucks is the bottom of the bottom so it like manure at the bottom of the stable. Crookes was treated different but unfair all the white people didn’t have their own cabins/ huts only Crookes did.
Curley’s wife treats him like his is dirt and not a human more like a slave or an animal. Curley’s wife is racisted and horrible she hated Crookes.
Curleys wife don’t care that he had feelings all she kept saying was the n word.   I know this because in the novel page 91 she says “listen nigg**!” Crookes stood up like he was scared of her.
Crookes doesn’t react like he actually cared but in his mind he would be caring. When Curley’s wife went up to him he never said anything bad to her because he was scared of Curley. I know this by the quote “Crookes seemed to grow smaller, and he pressed himself against the wall. Yes ma’am. Crooks need to not be afraid he needs to tell the ranch that his a human not a piece of dirt that’s what I would do I wouldn’t care what they say or just not come back to the ranch.
Shakespeare uses rhetorical questions to emphasise the fact that shylock is not important. This quote “if you poison us do we not die?” This basally shows that Shakespeare does not want this answered. However in the subject it’s not colour prejudice its religious prejudice. Jews had to cook and work in stables and to show they are Jews, they wore red hats so they not like the Christians. You can see how Jews was treated and different to Christians.
He uses another quote that is “hand, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions”. That means that he doesn’t want the Venetians to interrupt...