Critical Evaluaiton for a Reasearch Project in Psychology

The study I evaluated was called “Elevated Social Anxiety among Early Maturing Girls”, it demonstrates how early pubertal maturation leads to a higher risk for social anxiety, not only in boy but also in girls. The participants used in this study were 138 adolescents, 68 of which were girls and 70 which were boys. These adolescents were chosen out of a community that took part in the study. Of these 138 participants 13 percent were early developers, 72 percent were on time, and 15 percent were categorized as late developers. The ethnicities and races of this group were Hispanic/Latino, Caucasian, African American, Native American, Asian, and “other”. The majority of people tended to be Caucasian.
Not only were the participants chosen on their ethnicities but they were also selected by the level of education of their biological parents, the annual income, and also the relationship status of their parents. There was also a physical evaluation that tested for chronic breathing problems such as asthma, heart problems, pregnancy, and also whether they have a history of panic disorders. The measures taken for this study were the pubertal timing which was the literal test of when the participants went through puberty and they were asked to point to a picture that best portrayed their body type. The social anxiety was also measured; it was measured on whether they get embarrassed easily and also if they are afraid to make a fool out of themselves in front of others. This index helped the researchers determine whether or not the child was already socially anxious. Covariates, such as chronological age, race, ethnicity, level of depression, and overall level of anxiety were chosen.
The procedures for this study were approved by a board at the university. The adolescents and parents that were interested contacted the laboratory and were fully informed about the study. This study that was conducted was ethical. The participants were informed and agreed to do it because it...