Criminal Justice

Corrections have been around throughout our society for years and it still continues and also evolving in the U.S. It reflects our society values and their ideals throughout these many years. Inside the criminal justice system, the corrections can exist in more than just one form. It just doesn’t refer to prisons or the jail systems it also pertains to the community-based programs as well. These programs are probation, parole, and halfway houses and some treatment facilities. You have past, present, and future trends that are regarded to the developing and operations of the institutional and community-base corrections can vary between states the corrections has grown immensely since the early years from 1800’s and it could still expand over time to come. The corrections are adamant so it will go on expanding into the future so that crime will slow down but there will still be a need for corrections in our society. This paper will have research of past and present and future trends in the developing and operations of the corrections. There are some similar ways with corrections and the operation trends of the last two decades. In some other ways the developing of corrections has come a very far compared to where it was in the beginning. Other parts of the paper would include the current and future issues that are with the prisons and its administrators and an explanation on why some of these issues are overwhelming the correction department. It will also be talking about the roles of the alternate corrections as it’s a developing trend