Criminal Justice System

When referencing Schmallenger, he explains that a crime is when an individual or group of individuals violates the set of laws set forth by the local, state, or national bodies of government (Schmalleger, 2008). So basically a crime is breaking the law whether or not a person is caught does not matter.

Criminal Justice System
The law is a very complex system if one is not educated about it. There are misdemeanors, these are minor crimes commented by someone. Examples of this would be some traffic infractions, theft of property that is lower than a certain amount, trespassing, disorderly conduct, possession of certain controlled substances under a certain weight (CRIMINAL LAW ATTORNEY - CRIMINAL LAW LAWYERS NATIONWIDE, 2003-2011). Slightly greater crimes then misdemeanors would be gross misdemeanors.
Another type of crime would be a felony. There is more than one category of felonies; these include those crimes that are nonviolent and crimes that are violent. The nonviolent crimes generally carry less of a sentence then a violent crime.
Examples of nonviolent felonies would be white collar crimes are found in the business would, usually because the criminal is looking for a quick way to make more money. Examples of white collar felonies are taking bribe, accepting kickbacks, avoiding paying taxes, identity theft, and fraud (CRIMINAL LAW ATTORNEY - CRIMINAL LAW LAWYERS NATIONWIDE, 2003-2011). You most often hear of these crimes when dealing with big corporations, where large amounts of money are to be made quickly. The “quick rich quick” quote comes to mind while researching this form of felony.  
Nonviolent felonies, which do not fall into the category of white collar crimes usually, have to do with crimes against a property or person. Examples of these crimes would be burglary, fraud, and forgery. Another type of burglary would be larceny which is the theft of a motor vehicle (CRIMINAL LAW ATTORNEY - CRIMINAL LAW LAWYERS NATIONWIDE,...