Criminal Justice Paper

Ian Moffat
February 22, 2010
There are three different incidents that have occurred within eleven years of each other that has affected the world in major ways. Those incidents include the London Bombings that occurred in 2005, the Oklahoma City bombings that occurred in 1995, and the Olympics bombings that occurred in 1996.
London Bombings
On July 5, 2005 the London Underground rail systems was hit with the unthinkable. According to Australian Federal Police “The London terrorist bombings were the first example of ‘home grown’ suicide bombers in the UK. Fifty-six people were killed, including one Australian, and over 700 people were injured.
There were three bomb explosions on the London Underground rail system and one on a London commuter bus. The Underground rail attacks coincided with the morning peak passenger flow in the rush hour.
The bombs on the trains were on the major lines leading in each direction from Kings Cross, except for the northern line. This caused the maximum disruption to the rail system.
The simultaneous incidents at multiple sites severely tested the response and critical incident management capabilities of the law enforcement and emergency services in London. In spite of these challenges, these services were able to respond quickly to rescue survivors and minimize the disruption to the city.
On 21 July 2005 there were four attempted bombings. No one was injured. These additional four bombings very much mirrored the attacks on 7 July, as they were on public transport systems, were coordinated, were on rail lines going in different directions, and were designed to inflict mass casualties.” (Australian Federal Police, 2006)
The AFP was on hand to help the United Kingdom with investigating what happened on July 7, 2005. They named this investigation the Operation Kinship. According to the Australian Federal Police “The Australian Federal Police (AFP) led a team to help the United Kingdom with the...