Criminal Justice System Paper

Allyson Mathis

Criminal Justice System

There are several components to the criminal justice system and with those components comes the criminal justice system. The components of the criminal justice system are Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Defense Attorney’s, Courts and Corrections. The Law Enforcement component of the criminal justice system starts when the Law Enforcement officer also known as police officers take detailed reports of crimes that happen in the area that they patrol in. Police officers then investigate the crimes so they can gather the evidence that they will need. After this police officers then make an arrest of the person who had violated the law and committed the crime. The next component which is prosecution where prosecutors then request the evidence from the police officers so that they can review the evidence to find out if they can or cannot build a case on the offender. Prosecutors have the ability to create plea bargains with the defendant that is suitable to the crime that was committed. The prosecutor also gathers the witnesses or victims that are related to the case.
At the same time the prosecution is trying to build their case against the defendant the Defense Attorneys are meeting with the defendant to try and come up with information that will help the defendant to be convicted of the crime or to help the defendant choose a better option that will satisfy both the prosecution side and the defense side. The next component is court. The court component of the criminal justice system is ran by the judges. The role of the judge is to make sure that the law is being abided by as well as overseeing what is happening in the courtroom. The judge hears both sides of the situation from both the defense and the prosecution side. Once the judge has heard both sides the judge then makes the final decision on whether or not the defendant is guilty or innocent. If the defendant is then found guilty of his/her crime and placed in jail,...