Crimes in Maldives

Introduction to speech
In the Last few years, crimes have increased at an alarming rate in the Maldives society. This is a concern for every Maldives. However, it is for more worrying to many people’s that this not going to be just a temporary trend, and it would keep increasing for a while longer. The hope of a minimum crime future seems to be just a delusion.
Such worries stem from our collective inability to deal with the crimes and the criminals appropriately a reality we need to discuss ways and means of minimizing crimes in society, and together come up with solutions.
This speech is about the crimes that have increased in the past few years, the reasons for their increases and atleast four things that can help minimize these crimes and criminal activity, In general in society all the information is based on evidence and examples.

The twenty first century has woken up to technological explosion and economic boom. Technology is an important element of change in all sphere of life. If technology is properly used, it can bring about changes for betterment of life. On other hand one disadvantage side of it is certainly high-tech crime, against, against which are curbing day and night. High-tech crime not only causes anonymous damage to individual victims, but also impairs confidence in and potentially of it, itself. Therefore seriously damages the future prospects of human beings. Moreover high-tech crime ranges widely from conventional crime taking advantages of it, such as internet Froude distribution of harmful information and infringement upon intellectual property rights, to authorized access by hackers, destruction of data with computer viruses, attack upon destruction of the system itself. The progress, it also increases danger misuses of it and no one is able to deny the possibility of yet other problems arising. Consequently, the world is experiencing tremendous developments in crime and rapidly growing rates of international crimes have become...