Crimes Against Property

Jerald Buford

Crime and Criminal Behavior

Professor Kathleen Llewellyn-Duncan

03 December 2009

Crimes against Property

Burglary, arson, vehicle theft, and larceny-theft are all crimes against property. Crimes against property are crimes of theft where no force or threat of force is directed toward an individual ( These crimes are considered less severe than crimes against persons. With the economy in the state it is in crimes against property are on the rise. People are constantly getting laid-off, businesses are closing, and the unemployment rate is steadily rising. The holiday season is here and some people are feeling the pressure.

Description of Crime

Security video show several burglars, early Sunday morning of November 29th, breaking into the Chick-fil-A on Poplar Avenue in Memphis, TN. The suspects entered through a side window of the restaurant setting off a silent alarm just before 1 a.m. The burglars used crowbars to pry the bolted safe, loaded it onto a two-wheel dolly, and into a green Ford Explorer. The police arrived on the scene at 1:06 a.m. with no signs of the suspects (

Crime Data

According to the Commercial Appeal, October 26th another Chick-fil-A was robbed. These two restaurants are about 10 miles from each other. According to the store owner of the Poplar location both robberies had the same M.O (

Motives for Crime

The article does not discuss the motive or motives behind the crime. First, possible motive could be the pressure of the holiday season. The burglars could be laid off from there jobs and had no other way to provide a good Christmas for their families. Second, possible motive could be it was an inside job; meaning an employee or...